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a little about me


2010-2014 Creighton University

Major: Photojournalism; Graphic Design

Minor: Justice and Peace Studies

I am a Creighton University graduate with a degree in Photojournalism and Graphic Design. As a creator, I'm continually working to develop a wide range of multimedia skills to tell a story in a visually compelling way.


“A great story draws us into itself and discloses the deeper drama of life. Stories shape us when we recognize part of our own story in them” -Brackley


Over the years, many stories have been unveiled to me; I have learned to make myself more susceptible to their impact. Stories of joy, struggle, passion and ambition. Through the people I have the pleasure to collaborate with professionally, I’ve learned to articulate the stories of others and continue to cultivate my passion for photography and design.


I’m compelled to communicate and expand on those moments of consolation I see in the people I photograph and transform personal moments of desolation into self-awareness, self-acceptance and what I would call “creative self-donation.”


I find myself to be a self-reliant, creative person who has been fortunate enough to collaborate with a variety of clients. From small business start-ups, non-profit agencies and community gardens, to larger corporate companies and universities, my experiences are as diverse as the people I encounter.



Early in my professional career, my immersion experiences abroad have allowed me to better realize the impact of my creative mediums. I believe powerful photographic images to be an emotional and illuminating underpinning for reaction and change, all at the hand of captivating storytelling.


Do you have a story you would like to tell by means of photography, video or design?


Let's chat.



photo credit: angie o'brien

Hello there,

My name is Kathleen Ambre. Twenty-seven years old. Aspiring photographer, designer and writer. To put it simply, I like to make & create beautiful things. To take it a step further, I hope that these things–photographs, designs, and stories–are not only beautiful, but significant; windows into a life & world vastly different from my own.

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