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portrait // landscape // music // travel // abstract
While I am honing my video and design skills, photography has always been my strongest creative medium.

    "My nimble fingers curl to remove a ribbed cap, and my still hands cradle a fragile lens. My every thought summoned by a compulsory attentiveness, my every move deliberate, details expound and time stands still. My fingertips fondle ridged buttons and dials protruding from the surface, worries vanish in the midst of my meditation, and my gaze narrows in my concentration; I am brought to a state of immobility. Click, tick, twist, turn. Briefly lifting the shutter, imprinting a sensitive film with beams of light, I manage to describe the indescribable. Instantaneously, an otherwise forgettable fragment of time becomes tangible and eternal; precious seconds discontinue at my demand and the essence of one moment is truly realized."

Hello there,

My name is Kathleen Ambre. Twenty-seven years old. Aspiring photographer, designer and writer. To put it simply, I like to make & create beautiful things. To take it a step further, I hope that these things–photographs, designs, and stories–are not only beautiful, but significant; windows into a life & world vastly different from my own.

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